Beware of satans lies conserning this marriage to Jesus!

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From the desk of the apostle: The revelations that I teach that God teaches me, perhaps should be included with a warning label. When God first created me as this apostle and started teaching me His hidden revelations, I asked only one thing from Him. I told Him that I didn't want miracles of the lame walking or the blind seeing. I told Him that as I taught this that has not been taught for over 2000 years I wanted the people to recieve from Him as I teach this, the demonstration of His Spirit and power. I asked God to send this before me as I taught these hidden revelations and I now understand that God has honored this. Recently I was teaching a woman that lives over 1000 miles away these revelations and we were communicating useing text. She went silent as I was opening up to her the hidden revelations of this marriage. Then she was able to explain to me that she couldn't continue,,, for her room was filled with something wonderful and this woman didnt stop weeping for about an hour. God did and still does send before me as I teach His revelations,,, His demonstration of His Spirit and power and to my horror, I now relize that people are mistaking this for the actual literal marriage to Jesus Christ. They are thinking as they experance this physical manefestation from God in themselves, that they are becoming married to Him at that very moment. To become married to Jesus requires that I take a person into the water and baptize them in Jesus name, for this is the literal marriage ceremony to Jesus. Doing this promices them the Holy Ghost which they recieve during the process of me performing this literal marriage for them. The becoming married to Jesus has the direct result of "saving" you. The direct result of you becoming literally married to Jesus is your salvation of your motal soul. Me teaching you this marriage, and in the process you becoming knocked to the floor by the Spirit of God(if it happenes to you this way) is not at all fulfilling the requirement that you become literally married to Jesus for the sake of your marriage to Him and your salvation. To become married to Jesus requires that I baptize you in the water in the name of Jesus Christ. I am a man without alot of money. I am poor like so many that are in here today. However poor people without the wealth of this world can enter into literal marriage to Jesus Christ. What other wealth would you ever want or need but to know that you have entered into literal marriage to Jesus Christ Himself.

I teach that which God teaches me. He has taught me that He did, all that He did for all of us so that we can become literally married to Him. God has made it plain to me that it is an absolute abomination for people to "go to church". So what do we do then? In each home,the family, the home is "church". Make you a place and in that place build an altar. This isn't required but we as humans need a "place". A place to connect to. A place to identify with and I do understand that what God teaches me uproots that which you identify with. But You are not left in the cold seeking God. Enter into marriage with Him and create within you and your home the place of worship. After you enter into marriage with Jesus walk with Him and talk to Him and when you feel that isn't exactly what you need go into that "room" you have laid aside for the moments you want to be special in a different way. Jesus loves you tenderly and calls you out of this world and its men begging for your money and support and worship. He will always be there and though this that I teach seems scary there is a safety net,you are not alone. The daddy of your home is the pastor God created and the members of your household that are older are those that have the rule over you until you become of legal age and then you will take your place. The greedy men of this world has taken that which God made simple and made it hard. It isn't hard. When it was written to obey those that have the rule over you it was written to a people that knew who this was referring to and it was the family structure not some religious thing man was making up. Remember that when this was written the veil in the temple was destroyed as well as all religions and all that was left standing was the family structure. The family structure. I want to scream this over and over. The family structure. It has their potential to be pure and holy and righteous as God is and without greed and hidden agenda. The family structure,,this is the church and this is where God has always wanted you to "go to church".