Beware of satans lies conserning this marriage to Jesus!

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The apostle Paul said to the church of Corinth that when he came to them to teach them, that he came to them with much fear,weakness and much trembling. We all know that the apostle Paul was no wuss. He was a real man among men if ever there was one. So why in the world did this apostle that was created to rescue the other 12, say such things to this church? The reason he acted this way in the presense of the Gods wife,the church, is because she is indeed,,,Gods wife,the wife of Jesus Christ. He also said to this same church that he would not misuse the power of God or abuse it. We see the abuse of this power when the apostle Peter used it to murder a man and his wife in the book of Acts. Understand that once the power of God is given to a person,this power is honored, as in the example of the apostle Peter,the apostle Paul was created to set in order the church, the wife of Jesus as well as the 12 apostles, the way He intended for it to be in the first place. And the apostle Paul was created to rescue the other 12 apostles from themselves as well as the spirit of "nicolaitans" which Jesus that He HATED in revelations 2 :15. Though all Gods apostles and prophets were called by their first name and even Jesus, the lieing clergy wants to be called by their last name so they can feel so special.

Do you know that this spirit is that Jesus, God Himself hates so much?  The spirit of nicolations. Do you know why He hates it so much? This spirit of the nicolaitans was the doctrine of the "clergy". It is that spirit that has ruled over this entire planet since the death of the apostle Paul. This doctrine has in it, people that are higher in rank than other people. This doctrine has the clergy and the layiety. In other words it has people that are so much better than other people and Jesus absolutely hates this "clergy and laymen" spirit so much that Jesus Himself set the example when He washed the feet of the apostles, and He is God. How in the world can people still be geting it completely wrong. The spirit of the anti-christ sets up buildings and places a man "over" it and causes people to enter and pay money for fear of going to hell or they may not even ask for money. It is still the antichrist. Am I saying that "going to church" is the spirit of the anti-christ? Yes it is and Paul said that it was working its evil way back when he was alive. God created the "Home Church" with His true pastor's,the fathers of the home and absolutely no other. It is writted that when Jesus was hung on that cross He made an open show of the powers and principalities. And indeed He did just that. He destroyed all religiouns leaving only the family structure in order to marry Him thru and communicate to Him by and worship Him by. Anything else is the spirit of the anti-christ. Now please understand that I am not talking about the gathering of the "home churches" as God created. We are in fact commanded as "home churchs" to gather together as the wife of Jesus Christ and share the secrets that He has taught to you. This is the way to assemble as commanded by God. Not some mens buildings men has created to inslave the very wife of Jesus Christ. In the church,the wife of Jesus there is no person of higher rank than another. All my brothers in the wife of Jesus,the church are all equael to me as are my sisters.All are equeal. I know that it is written to give double honor to those that work in the word. But aren't all those that have been married to Jesus for any length of time working and deserve this same honor? And to obey those that have the rule over you, is the father of the household,Gods only created pastor, the head of the home. We must over come the bonds of slavery religioun has placed on all of us and your household, taking from the fathers of the household the pastoralship that God created for them to be. And this is the only pastroalship that God ever created. All the other is the spirit of the antichrist. Brothers and sisters,come out from among them and stand tall as the wife of God and do not allow anyone to steal from you your Husband Jesus or your pastoralship or the misistry that God wants to create from the children that He has blessed you with. Sisters stand beside your husbands and retake from the antichrist that which he has stolen. Reaconize your home for what it is,the house or home church of the living God and your Husband Jesus. Husbands,take that which was stolen from you. Have the back bone to retake your created place as the only pastor of your family and husbands,pastors created by God, please do this within your families with all humbleness and gentleness and kindness.Heroes are now required and I charge all of you as the equeals to me that you are. Rise up against these theives that have inslaved the wife of Jesus,you,the church and I charge you this in the name of Jesus Christ the only God of creation,the only God at all.