Beware of satans lies conserning this marriage to Jesus!

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Page 12; The plants God created are not drugs. Are we that stuipd? It is the chemicals man is making that is drugs yet as they kill your babies they are called medacines. Again I will ask, "ARE WE ALL THAT STUPID"?WE THE SHEEPLE has allowed ourselves to become so brain washed it will take God Himself to ever get us right again!

From the desk of the apostle: We as Americans have given up our thought processes and traded them in for orders given to us by other people that will literally kill you and your babies and your husband and your wife just so they can make an extra dollar. People when did we as Americans lose our guts and become SHEEPLE instead of bold strong truth loving American people? We have allowed one of our presidents to kill Americans by attacking NYC and destroying important buildings there, the exact same way that hitler did in order to start a war with the Jews. We allowed this same (one man mind you) president to borrow $750billion from China and give as much of that $750Bilion as his time left in office would allow to the millionaire owners of the banks in America. Not only did bush give this money to millionaires but he gave it to them in such a way that it can never be traced as to how a single penny of that money was spent giving himself a nice nest egg waiting for him when he got out of office in the form of a kick-back from all these bankers that he sent billions and billions of $ to. Bush left office than we allowed a man not born in America to take his place as president. When Obama came into office he presented the American public a piece of paper saying it was the only proof of birth that he had and we had no choice but to except it. Then later he produced another though he plainly said that there was no other and this second document has proved to be a forgery. Yet "WE THE SHEEPLE" have allowed this illegal immigrant not only to remain in office but have allowed him to be able to get over 100k each year for the rest of his life plus benefits when he leaves office while real American citizens are starveling to death along with their babies in homeless shelters because these same banks that got all those billions of $, kicked at least 14 million Americans out of their homes and even bull dozed some down rather than allow Americans to live in them. All the while "WE THE SHEEPLE" though we have all the power to do so have done nothing and I mean absolutely nothing at all except to march about here and there holding a few sings in protest. Obama the illegal immigrant that was born in Kenya Africa, finished the thievery that bush started by sending the remaining balance of the $750 billion to the millionaire banks and again it was sent to them with absolutely no strings attached what so ever. Never to be paid back and never to be taxed and never an explanation as to how it was spent at all PERIOD! We have allowed as sheeple the millionaire chemical companies to create new poisons to feed our babies and families that they have the nerve to actually call medicine when in fact they are not medicines at all but poisons that are killing us sheeple and we watch on, doing absolutely nothing at all! The millionaires have brainwashed us into believing that any chemicals they create is actually not a chemical or a drug at all but is instead a medicine, all the while calling the plants that God created for us to use as an actual medicine,,, drugs. Their poison is now called medicine and natural plant life created by God is called drugs. HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO! ANYBODY HOME OUT THERE? The marijuana plant has many uses. Its stiff, fibrous stalk can be used to make lots of products, from food to ship sails. The stalk is comprised of two parts -- the hurd and the bast. The bast provides fibers that can be woven into many fabrics. These fibers (also called hemp) are woven to create canvas, which has been used to make ship sails for centuries.  
The hurd provides pulp to make paper, oil to make paints and varnishes and to fuel a vehicle, and seed for food. Marijuana plants produce a high-protein, high-carbohydrate seed that is used in granola and cereals. Hemp oil and seed contain only trace amounts of psychoactive chemicals. Yet the plant is called a drug though it has never ever harmed anyone at all in the 6,000 years we have been on this planet. God created many wonderful plants that will heal and remove pain but we the sheeple has allowed the rich to outlaw them all,every singe one that can be used to either save your life or kill your or your babies pain. WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH US?  All Drugs Have Been Legal in Portugal Since 2001. Since that one single nation decided to GROW UP and stop being stupid sheeple, the drug addiction has dropped. People, do not forget that until American was born the entire planet used all of Gods plants for what God created them for, and all of the people did quite well without us at all. It was when our nation began to grow and sprout its greedy rich, that our nation took it upon itself to police all nations causing them all to either follow us as we created laws stripping us of all these God given plants to use as needed or we wouldn't be their friends. We have allowed our helpless babies that haven't even been born yet to be attacked and killed within their mothers womb and we sit like helpless sheeple and do nothing. 2 doctors were recently caught killing unborn babies, and when their lab was inspected there was found almost 30 frozen tiny little babies that hadn't been born yet and we sit as sheeple and do nothing, absolutely nothing at all. WE THE SHEEPLE,I HOPE WE ARE PROUD OF WHAT WE HAVE BECOME. This is what we are leaving to our children so that they too can call themselves "WE THE SHEEPLE" JUST LIKE US!!!!! All our leaders are liers and murders and thieves and I do mean all of them, from the white house to congress to state Rep. and the judges of the supreme courts and they all have to be removed and replaced with actual people that have an actual heart beat. 

From the desk of the apostle: I feel like I am standing in front of a planet sized granite block of stone chipping away at it with not allot of time left to get it whittled away. In the center of that block of stone are the people. We have forgotten that "THE GOVERNMENT" isn't some abstract monster that we have no power over, but instead it is men and women who in these days and times have not a single clue what they are doing and it is up to us to redirect them in the correct direction using the same tools they used to steer us in the wrong direction. What is a law? When is a law legal? A law is a law when it first and foremost agrees completely with Gods laws, I do not mean religion I mean God,there is a difference. To outlaw the creation of plants is to proclaim God a criminal. To charge a human with a crime for using or growing what his creator gave to him or her is illegal, making void any law man may make especially if these laws are built on greed ,which they are. Political prisoners are then created and not criminals. Who and where stands the person that has the nerve to call God a criminal? People of this world, God is furious. I want to repeat this perhaps you didn't get it the first time. God is furious that His creations that He plainly said are good are outlawed from His wife. The poppy flower,mushrooms,cactus buttons,coca plant the list goes on of the wonderful plants that really do heal us and were created for that purpose and were used for that purpose until our government decided based on its greed to pass illegal laws stopping the wife of God, not to be granted that which her Husband Jesus created for her. Since the death of the 14 apostles 2000 years ago man has been creating a government built of greed and hate and murder and torture and superstitions. I will as this apostle stand upon the highest peak I can find and call man kind a liar and thief and murderer for they have done so in Gods name for over 2000 years now and He is furious. A LAW PASSED AGAINST GOD AND HIS WORKS MAY THESE WORKS BE CREATION OR OTHER WISE, ISN'T A LAW AT ALL BUT INSTEAD IS AN ABOMINATION! It is too bad we can't see the maggots that eat this planet and all life on it. I have witnessed the gov. try to pass laws against all plants used by humans for any purpose. Will we sleep untill we are awaken by some guard holding a gun to our heads force feeding us spoons full of chemicals because it is deemed to be better for us than what God created? When man makes just once single pill and they call it a medacine they make billions of $ off that pill. But as you have seen on tv people die from these poisons and they have to be recalled and some money is paid out but the people are dead and nobody cares enough to stiop this insainity. THIS IS COMPLETE AND UTTER INSAINITY! A LAW PASSED AGAINST THE PLANTS GOD CREATED FOR HIS PEOPLE ISN'T A LAW, BUT IS AN ABOMINATION AGAINST GOD HIMSELF INSTEAD!

From the desk of the apostle: I have been trying to remind people of all the wonderful plants God created so we could make our own home medacines for our families. However we have allowed a hand full of theives to steal from us these incredible plants such as the poppy flower and the coca leaves and the mushrooms and the marijina plants. I have had people as me "but brother these plants have so much opertunity for abuse". Yes they do and so does alcohol but the first miracle Jesus did was to turn water into wine showing us by example that the weaknesses of others can not govern our lives and surly will not govern the Lord. (if it harms your brother to eat mean,eat it away from him but eat it) I want to give an example of how food,that thing everyone loves can be abused as well. This being true should God not create food? Let us say there is a family of people that never learned any table mannors or simply didn't care. When this family of 9 sat down to eat it always ended up in a fight with tables turned over and charis broken and food every where. The children were always upset and crying and people even got hurt. Does useing food abusively seem far fetched to you? I will post some verses of bible that will show you a people that did indeed abuse eating to the point that God had to have the apostle Paul correct this behaivor.         1Co 11:20  When ye come together therefore into one place, this is not to eat the Lord's supper.
1Co 11:21  For in eating every one taketh before other his own supper: and one is hungry, and another is drunken.
1Co 11:22  What? have ye not houses to eat and to drink in? or despise ye the church of God, and shame them that have not? What shall I say to you? shall I praise you in this? I praise you not.
 In all things everything can come to abuse. But this is never a reason to allow certain greedy people to pass unGodly and illegal laws taking away our God given rights to the things that God Himself has created for us to use. Are we animals? Have we no brain to guide us in our thinking? Have we no soul or love for God to lead us in the ways to use Gods plants without abuseing them? ALL OF GODS PLANTS!

Fron the desk of the apostle: The laws of this nation were created largely upon a combination of greed and religous superstitions. It was believed that you was being ungodly if you ever got STONED. THERE IS NOTHING UNGODLY ABOUT GETTING STONED,OMW GROW UP PEOPLE! How can the same people dare say that it is ungodly, with alcohol in their blood and a cigarette in thier hand? To tell you the truth ...becoming stoned I think can be proved to be a result of our bodies not being allowed to use the plants God created for us to use, therefore our bodies are not used to them and the result is an alteration of perceptions. People took it upon themselves to decide what they considered holy and unholy when actually sin is for God to decide in your marriage to Him in the maturity of your marriage to Him. Useing the plants God Himself created has been under superstitions dictatorship created by religons for way too long. It is about time we as Americans took back the freedoms God Himself gave to us. EVERY SINGLE PLANT GOD CREATED IS GOOD AND GOOD TO BE USED FOR SOMETHING,,,PERIOD! If you have a problem with that then take it up with God,after all it is He that created them. I have listened to leaders as they say that God also created the deadly night shade,,would you eat it? This plant too has a purpose, it can be used for many medacines as well as a poison. Also the name of this plant is "DEADY NIGHT SHADE". Guess what? It is legal to buy sell or trade or use it or grow it or actually to eat or smoke though it is "DEADLY" and will kill you. HELLO???? DO WE SEE YET? America wake up and reclaim your freedoms and I do mean that it is almost too late. As for our fuel shortage. Everywhere I look I see land that is wide open. If all this land was planted in corn,peanuts,sunflowers or whatever we would have the oil from plants to run our vehicles. But no, we are slaves to the rich in this nation. I can give you the answers that God has given to me but I can't force you to follow them.