Beware of satans lies conserning this marriage to Jesus!

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Marijuana, God created all plant life and then called it "good".

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From the desk of the apostle: Marijuana,what about it and what does God say about it? As the apostle ,I am required to make it as plain as God makes it to me on subjects that effect this planets life. I can be in a room filled with people and they all be talking about some chemical they are taking that some doctor has told them to take. These chemicals can be anything from redalin that is given to babies to pain pills and pills for sugar control, pills for gout and cancer and pills pills pills pills of every kind for every thing that have all manor of terrible side effects and are man made. However if I decide to bring up the subject of this wonderful plant that God created and God called "good", all the people in that room look like I walked up and slapped them right in the mouth. The audacity of man to dare take a plant that God created and God called good and then call it bad even to the point of making it against the law to use. Who in the world does man think they are? I am completely convinced that most of the illnesses we suffer that we didn't have so much of when I was a boy because they were very rare is a direct result of the lack of the plants that God created and man, out of pure greed had outlawed. God created Marijuana for us to take and eat in any manor we wish and that goes for the poppy plant and the coca plant and the mushroom and the cactus buttons. WE ARE COMPLETELY BRAIN WASHED! COMPLETELY! Before we have the nerve to demonize that which God Himself has called good we had better study it, or face God for the audacity we displayed while we lived on this planet calling what He called good ,bad. That redalin poison that babies are fead now needs to be replaced with THC in the form of a tea or a food to be eaten of incense in the home and THC comes from the plant Marijuana. Mothers that are having a baby need to use this plant so that the breast milk from their bodies that they feed their new born babies with will be willed with this wonderful healing natural medicine that God created for us all to use. People use the excuse that this plant or these plants actually will be abused if they are legal. Are you serious? Do a search on how many people die from man made medicine every single day. However not a single person has ever died or even suffered any ill effect from Marijuana since the creation of man. God knew what alcohol could do if abused but it was His first recorded miracle when He turned water into wine. He did this anyway regardless of what man thought because it isn't anyones fault what a person does with their lives except their own. As a matter of fact it might have been this point Jesus was trying to make when He did turn water into wine. And Jesus and the apostles drank. They drank wine. This is why the bible says He came drinking. People get your head out of the pockets of the greedy men that run this planet today and take back what God the creator gave us to use freely.

God created for mankind plants to heal our bodies of pain and suffering of the mind and yes even to help our souls. Because of pure greed our government has outlawed for many many years these wonderful and sacred plants that God Himself created. It is our nation of greedy leaders, past and present that are responsible for peoples actions when having been fed chemicals as medacine do horrible things. As an infant they are fed chemicals that changed them into the monsters they are today. Poppy plants,hemp,cactus,mushrooms coca plants, just to mention a few of Gods wonderful creations man has the nerve to call "illegal". Someday it will be the disguisting greedy murderers that outlawed Gods true medacines, that have caused this pain to mankind that will be judged by God. However, we too as the "lazy sheeple" that we are for sitting on our thumbs and allowing these greedy theives to do this to us and our precious babies will stand in judgement as well before God. "We the sheeple" will indeed be judged for allowing our precious babies to be fed mans chemicals in the name of greed calling them medacines all the time calling Gods wonderful creations of healing plants,"illegal". You ask "what can I do"? we still have a voice. We still have a chance to control our government before it is too late forever! This internet can be a wonderful tool to cause change. Apathy,apathy is the new norm now and has been since the 1940s. As long as you are able to "nest" you are happy. Able to go to Mcdonalds,see a movie and watch tv. Let our babies die as long as we can "nest" and feel all fuzzy and warm.  shhhhhh, i'm sleeping!

Tobacco plants I have found in some instances can be used for restless leg syndrom. Not in all cases and not for all people but this too is a plant God created and has its uses. The greedy cigarette companies add lots of chemicals creating a designer drug but the natural leaves as God created them can be useful in some cases.

I feel like I have awakened from a sleep that has lasted many many years and indeed I have. God creating me as this apostle has opened my eyes to the dictatorship we all have blindly followed since the 1930s when the plant named "hemp" was outlawed. This wonderful healing and cacred plant that God Himself created for your healing and that of your precious babies has been denied us and we have been SO COMPLETELY BRAIN-WASHED as to actually believe that God was insane when He made this plant and that we as the wiser creation has some kind of right to outlaw it and inprison people that dare to use it. People tell me that this hemp plant is a "weed" and is not for human consumption. What if I allow them that for just a min. The beautiful poppy flower, is it too a weed? How about the cactus mescaline comes from? The coca plant as well? are these all weeds? Every single plant God gave to you and your family as His gift to you for the healing of yourself and your babies has been stolen from you and traded instead with man made chemicals. You see, Gods plants can not be patiented and no money can be made from God plants,therefore because of greed they are outlawed all the while we say"baaa,baaa,like really good sheelpe