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Page 10: Table salt proves creation? Read on.

From the desk of the apostle: A few years ago I decided I would tackle the problem of separating the 2 gasses that make up water so that I could use one of them to fuel my car. In my quest I got a rare glimpse into the world that God created that we never ever see, much less consider. This world I am talking about exist on the atomic level. It is a fascinating world and it is full of balances and contradictions. Contradictions that required God Himself to keep in balance at the moment of creation. It is one of these balances and contradictions that I want to talk about right now. I want to say that "salt" proves creation. In fact more to the point, I want to say that "salt water" which requires perfect balance because of its extreme contradiction proves creation. To explain what I am getting at allow me to explain what salt is made of. Salt, one of the most abundant minerals on this planet. And water one of the other most abundunt substances on this planet are so exotic that to understand these 2 substances and then to understand that they actually coexist removes all question as to whether there is God or not. Water is made up of 2 very explosive gasses. Water is made up of oxygen and hydrogen mixed together in the correct amount to make water which is the fluid needed for life,,,period. Water is complicated enough but if you add the balance needed to allow salt to be created on the same planet as water then all hades brakes lose,literally. Salt,table salt is made up of chorine gas and sodium metal combined. Sodium metal is a literal metal like lead. Sodium metal looks and feels like lead only lighter. Sodium metal is a contradiction in itself, for sodium metal in order to remain stable must be stored in a container of mineral oil or it will catch fire and explode. Did you get that? Sodium metal must be stored in mineral oil or it will catch fire and explode. In fact,if you hold sodium metal in your hand it will become very hot and burst into flames as you hold it. However if you take this same very unstable metal that looks and feels just like lead and mix it correctly with Chlorine gas you will get another substance required for life,salt. And guess why it is that sodium metal is so unstable. Sodium metal is unstable because it cannot exist in the presence of water. When sodium metal touches water it explodes,literally! In fact sodium metal and water are so contradictory that the moisture on the palms of your hands or even in the air is enough to cause it to destroy itself. However when you mix chlorine gas and sodium metal correctly you get a substance that,,,,MELTS IN WATER NAMED SALT. Now try to picture what it would have been like on creation day if there was no God. All these gasses mixing to form water and all this metal named sodium in the same location in the amount that would be required to fill this planet with salt and water and salt water the way it is today would have been literal hell with explosions and contradictions constant creation wide. The perfect balance required for the creation of water and salt alone would take God Himself much more salt water which is a total contradiction.I suppose the thing that really bothers me the most about all this is the fact that I am not a very intelligent man as far as science goes. However there are men and women on this planet, past and present that have seen so much more proof that there is God than I could have ever dreamed of seeing yet they refuse to speak of God for fear of ridicule. Are you serious? My life here is but a vapor compared to what happens after this body dies and I step out of this body. After this body dies my life begains.THis planet has only been my proveing ground. In the life after this body dies there is no time whatsoever. Time was created for us so we would know when it was time to cook breakfast.The atomic matter that had to be mixed together in perfect balance required for  creation reqquired nothing less than God Himself. As far as we know the smallest thing after an atom is energy. When a particle or wave length of sub-atomic energy vibrates at a certain speed it becomes an atomic substance.As far as we know before a substance becomes an atom it is pure energy. We can never know for sure because even though science tells us they can see and atom it is a lie. An atom is too small to see directly and we will never be able to see an atom. I know that they draw what they think atoms look like and tell us as a fact that they look like this or that but the truth is that man will never ever be able to see that small. To see that small requires light waves that we cannot harness. God is love,God is light. Light is energy. Energy on the sub-atomic level vibrating at the right speed causes substance to be created.THEN GOD SAID,,LET THERE BE LIGHT, AND IT WAS SO AND GOD SAW THAT THE LIGHT WAS GOOD. Sounds to me like this story has just begain. As fas as I can tell,,love is a completely diffrent story

From the desk of the apostle: I wish once again today to brag on Jesus Christ the Creator, the one that I am literally married to and the One that keeps all of His creations in balance against all the contradictions that He created in nature. For all of creation there are contradictions and there are balances that require the hand of Jesus Christ the God of glory to keep in check,thus proving in themselves the creation of all of life. HYDROGEN. We all know a little something about this gas. We know first of all that it is a gas. However there is a little known fact about hydrogen that might surprise you. Hydrogen doesn't exist anywhere on this planet earth in its gaseous state. You will find many other gasses like methane and the most abundant of all which is oxygen but not hydrogen. Now allow me to point out a wonderful contradiction. In another state other than gas, hydrogen covers 2/3s of this entire planet. Hydrogen mixed with oxygen creates what we need to live by and that of course is water. h2o. Now we all know what h2o is. But let us take a moment and look at h2o and consider the wonderful contradiction of hydrogen. The sign, h2o tells us that in order for water to exist there had to have been at one time, 2 times as much hydrogen as there was oxygen here on this planet. Thats if evolution is correct. However God spoke water into existence just the way He did table salt and the incredible contradiction of water is the signature of God telling all of creation that He is here, for in the contradictions of creation the hand of God is required for balance. Think for a moment back when everything was created how if evolutionist were correct the way this planet must have been with there being twice as much hydrogen gas as there was oxygen. This wonderful planet we live on is created in balance in spite of all its contradictions and no amount of accidental evolution could have ever caused this. Those liars that call themselves scientist know this as well as I do yet they still scream their lies at the top of their lungs hating to ever admit that there is a supreme being named Jesus that they will some day have to stand in front of. Allow me to point out another contradiction of hydrogen. Though it is true that hydrogen doesn't exist on this planet in the form of gas freely in nature, if you wish to see hydrogen in the form of gas all you have to do is look up into the sky when the sun comes out for our sun is a really huge ball of hydrogen gas among other things. Isn't it wonderful, this astonishing creation that we all live in? Isn't it exciting to think that you,yes you can become literally married to the one named Jesus that created all of this and keeps all these contradictions and balances of creation in the palm of His wonderful hand? I posted yesterday about a metal named sodium. Do you know that there is no such thing as a mine of sodium ore? There are mines of iron and gold and silver and lead and copper but on this planet the only way the metal named sodium can be found is either on the microscopic level or in the most abundant mineral on this planet called table salt. This metal named sodium is a violent and unstable metal. If there ever was a contradiction in nature this humble metal called sodium is that indeed. If you was to take a gallon jug and filled it with chlorine gas and then dropped pellets of sodium metal into that gallon jug containing the chorine gas there would be a bright flash of light and when all the confusion settled inside the jug, clinging to the walls of that gallon jug you would find not the metal sodium anymore but instead you would find table salt,crystals shining and glittering in the light of the sun. Now mind you,when the metal sodium and the gas chlorine gas come into contact with each other, there isn't an evolution of table salt going on that you can make you a sandwich and sit down and watch over time. Nope not at all! The creation of table salt happens in an instant. In a split second the metal that is a metal indeed turns from a metallic form into crystals of salt that is required for all of creation to survive. Allow me to make this a little plainer. God took a gas that is a poison to all living things and then He took a metal that by its very nature is violent and extremely explosive and combined the two of these together to create "FOOD", of all things. And not only did He create food using this method He created a food that all living things REQUIRE to survive by. If you was to take a pellot of this metal named sodium and drop it into water (please wear goggles for it is very very very explosive) there would be a reaction that causes the two gasses that make up water to seperate in an instant. In fact the seperation of the two gasses that make up water by the introduction of soduim metal is so fast and violent that exterme heat is caused so much so that the two gasses ignite and sometimes even explode showering everyone in molten metal. MOLTEN METAL IS CREATED IN THE INSTANT THAT SODIUM METAL TOUCHES WATER,ISN'T THAT WONDERFUL? This is a contradiction yet the balance is the fact that God took this same sodium metal and created table salt out of it and the fact that this metal can not be found in creation except in its state that causes it to be completely balanced.God created all these wonderful puzzles of contradictions and balances knowing that in time man would unravel them and see His signature in all of creation.I for one do not understand the attitude of man. God is the supreme scientist if there ever was one. Anyone that loves to learn and understand I would think would desire to establish communications with this supreme scientist that created all things.