Beware of satans lies conserning this marriage to Jesus!

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Page 9: I used to hate it when people used to tell me that we can actually not sin if we just work at it.

It is in marriage that "holiness" is born and not religon. When a couple marry they grow in their love and maturity of their marriage and they stop doing the things that hurts the feelings of the one they love because they are in love with each other. A married couple because of their marriage would rather die than ever do anything that would cause the other one pain whether it is called sin or not, this dosen't matter. It is in the bedroon creating children or simply in each others arms that this undieing love is maturied. This is why we must strive to establish this marriage communications with Jesus Christ once we have entered into this marriage with Him.

From the desk of the apostle: I was asked a question awhile back that I want to talk about. The question was about women wearing pants. The question of women wearing pants has many depths. The first is what does it matter and why should it effect a man if a woman wears pants. Another question would be, is it sin for a woman to wear pants. After I was asked this question I paid attention to way I saw women dressed when I went and for the most part they all wore pants. It took me a couple minutes to understand why this was such a big deal when people began to want to understand how God feel about it. In my days most women wore dresses. But why? What was the purpose of the dress or skirt? Well if you wanted to "see" a woman you either had to marry her or commit fornication with her because all that she had from  was in those days,,,,very precious and not for just any eyes. The female was taught that she was special and what she had to offer in her marriage was private and intimate and not to ever be taken lightly. Now I am so sad to say that sex is nothing to people but a biological function with no more importance that drinking a soda or washing your hands. The term "dating" means to bed down with or to take each other for a test drive and crowds of girls will give a girl friend a really big"atta boy" if they hear she is moving in with her boy friend. "Dating", what a joke. You may ask why I am not talking about men. BECAUSE THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT MEN HAVE ALWAYS DREAMED OF THATS WHY and you women know it. Women were always charged as the "gate keepers". Not anymore. However I do not want to be known for my stand against sin. I want to be known for my teachings of how to marry Jesus, and in that marriage which is literal, holiness is born between you and Jesus your Husband. This is the way it is in all human marriages and the way it is in this marriage to Jesus. For instance after a man and woman marry they may agree together that they will not eat eggs. This is righteousness to them or in other words it is right to them.  The married man and woman next door have decided that to eat oranges is not correct in their family and this is passed on to their babies as they are born. Once this holiness within the marriage is established if the husband or wife go against this then it would become sin to them and them alone. Because it is sin against their marriage and the agreed holiness of their marriage. This is the same way it is with God. In your marriage to Jesus He may led you to not wear a ring on your pinky finger. This is something you will work out within your marriage to Jesus for this is the holiness spoken of in the bible not some screaming fool trying to mold you in his image calling himself some kind of preacher. The family next door gets together with the other family and they share stories of their love for God and their marriage to Him however they never ever say anything to each other about their very private standards they have established in their own private marriages. The head of these 2 families are the pastors spoken of in the bible and this is how God meant for it to be. There always has been the "BOTTOM FEEDERS" of man kind that understand the superstitions of man as well as the laziness, and they take full advantage of this. Instead of following the bible way of a Shepard or pastor being the head of his household because it is these sheep that he owns which is his family members, he goes and rents himself a building and trys to bully people because of their fears into his building so he will not have to go out and work for a living. He steals the word pastor from the bible the same way catholics stole the word nun and used it as a title when no title was ever intended. These that have done this have underminded the family structure, placeing themselves over the true pastors which are the those that are heads of households. The bible has this to say about them,,2Ti 3:6  For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,
I hear them all the time as they all say in a collective voice  "OH PASTOR"!
I some times wonder why the silly men that are lead captive wasn't mentioned as well.

1Jn 3:9 Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.