Beware of satans lies conserning this marriage to Jesus!

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I have read and studied the holy bible all my life. When the Lord came to me and created me as this apostle I begain to talk to Him about coming to me in human or angel form the way He did the other prophets and apostles in the bible. I spoke to Him day in and day out and when I woke up at night, I spoke to Him about coming to me in human form to visit me. I was very upset with Him because He hadn't done this yet and I told Him so. It was I guess the 2nd or 3rd day of my asking for this visit that I woke up one morning and I started in on Him for a visit. It was really early and I had just woken up and I was very tired. I closed my eyes to rest some more and when I closed my eyes I saw 4 letters that appeared to be written either on the inside of my eye lids or in that black space we all see when we close our eyes. The seeing of these 4 letters amused me and I laughed to myself and I didn't grasp the importance of what I was seeing for a second or two. Then all of a sudden I sat up in my bed and I looked to the left where there was a small table for something to write with. I found an ink pen but there was nothing to write on so I wrote the 4 letters I had seen on my left wrist so that I would't forget them later when I got out of bed. The 4 letters I saw were "I M N U ".  This was indeed God answering to my request for Him to visit me in human form. He has worked with me these many years in a very diffrent way than He has in the past requireing true faith to be exercised by me that doesn't require sight. Since the time that God came to me and gave me that message, which was many years ago I have kept those 4 letters written on my left wrist. An odd thing happened a few years after the Lord sent me the message in the form of those 4 letters. There was a movie made that I do not remember the title of. It was a scifi movie about some aliens being stuck on earth and in this movie was these 4 letters used, IMNU. The day God gave me this message I made and published a video on youtube explaining the meaning of these 4 letters and I have always wondered if the makers of this movie copied those letter from me and my visit from God.