Beware of satans lies conserning this marriage to Jesus!

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Page 2: God has taught me of His hidden mystries since the year 2005. This page is dedicated to the teachings of His hidden revelations and precious secrets.

 On this page there are teaching CDs for your pleasure. If you have trouble playing these CDs there is a link you can click on below this post that will allow you to download a free and really good media player.


 1. In this first audio you will be taught the way God has created for you to become married to Jesus Christ literally. This literal marriage to Jesus has the direct result of causeing you to become born again,,saved. I am the first recorded gentile apostle and the first apostle in over 2000 years that God has created. Upon the creation of my apostleship the gentile dispensation did began. I am the only man alive that teaches this revelation of this marriage to Jesus and the man God created to perform your marriage ceremony according to Acts2:38 to Jesus Christ.

HOW TO BECOME LITERILLY MARRIED TO JESUS CHRIST. Do not tell Jesus you love Him if you refuse to do what it takes to marry Him! This CDs teaches you how to marry Jesus. I am the only one quilified to do this for you except my oldest son Jimmy. Believe what you want to though.

6.The below audio teaching is named "Do I go too far"?

7.In this following video I tell you of how God called me as a child. God called me in a very physical way and His calling has been with me all my life.

Gods calling to me



 4. As a tiny child I was raised in a very abusive household. The abuse was horrible and in this horror I sought God at any altur I could find. As a tiny child God annointed me for the apostleship that I have today and this CD tells of this annointing,this physical experance with God Himself.



 5. In my apostleship God has taught me many hidden revelations. The following CD is about one of those revelations. It is named "the superstitous office of the pastor". God did indeed create pastors but He didn't creat pastors anything like what the religous world has today.


8.In the religous world there is something called "praying thru". This is actually a spin off of what God actually wanted from people. God has always wanted people to pray to the point of liberateing themselves from this body and then walking in that liberation thru communication with Him. However the religous world drops the ball in that by leaving God at the place they touched Him at. In marriage this isn't so but in religoun it is.

video named "how to pray thru"

9.God wants us to learn how to do spiritual things. In the following video I will teach you how to sing in the spirit.

Video named "how to sing in the spirit"

10.People when it comes to religon can be so silly. Things people that they think God loves so much can be just the thing that He hates the most. Things they refrain from thinking they a holy before God can be the thing that God couldn't care less if you do it or not.

Video named "God and His word are against your religon".

11.Have you wondered where in the world people came up with the idea of going to church? It isnt anywhere written in the bible so where did it come from? It came from men nt wantinf to work and wanting other people to support them so they made merchandise out of the people that loved God. If a man and woman get married and one of them leave their home 3 or 4 times a week to go to another building and pay money for a touch from the people in that other building this is called either "going to a whore house" or "going to church"

Video named "Going to church =prostitution"

12.People love their gods. No matter if they are being lead wrong they still love their gods. God,THE GOD is all powerful and has the ability to be in either 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or as many places at the same time as He wants. However at one time men couldn't grasp that kinds power so they created trinity to explain in their minds how in the qworld God could be in heaven and on the earth all at the same time. You would think that the nme of God would give them some kinda clue.

Video named "one God not trinity"