Beware of satans lies conserning this marriage to Jesus!

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73 We all are looking for a perfectly clear picture of what it is God wants. A married man (to a woman) with a child or perhaps a dozen. Or I have children and I am single. Or it is just myself and my wife or husband. Man to woman or woman to man. THis is Gods foundation of marriage. Any other is the design of peoples own devices.

To "go to church". It has been taught to us from day one. Sometimes even beaten into us. But what Is Gods way? Lets say you are married and have children. As the man a this family you are the head of the house. This is earned by love and patience as well as maturity not gained by being a headache. The word pastor in the bible and being over people is the appointing (and annointing) of God to the husband of the family. The man of the house, God Himself has appointed as the only pastor whatsoever of his family. And absolutely never a person that went out, and thru his organisation or even by himself obtained a building requireing you to enter into it, giving him money and respect only allowed and due to Jesus,the family members having gotten married to Jesus and or to the head of the house in this case the father of the household.  To eslablish a time of bible reading,trusting that Jesus your Husband will teach you as you read these verses so that you can teach your family. And in this time of bible reading to teach the family how to pray and establish their own communications to Jesus,the Husband of their lives. Within this household will be born the ministry that God needs. The bible in the book of Eph. lists these as apostles,prophets,evangalists,teachers and pastors. The pastors being created thru the marriage of one of your children and in turn the head of that house taking his place as the pastor of his home as established by God. This is the only way God allowed for the creation of pastors. Now as time passes and more heads of households enter into literal marriage to Jesus Christ, as commanded in the bible(forsake not the assemblies of yourselves) these families or "home churches" will begain to gather together to have bar- b- ques or just simple meals as neighbors do. Duering these neighborhood functions, revelations that God has opened up to the pastors of their homes will be shared along with the wonderful food they all have prepared. This is the way God Himself established the "going to church" that greedy men warped into the money making businesses we all know of today. And even if there is one that you locate that wants no money, what he is doing is still not the way God wants it or established it or ever will allow it. When Jesus died, all religouns were destroyed when the veil in the temple was torn from top to bottom leaving only the family structure standing in which to communicate and learn from God. 40 years after Jesus prophesied it was going to happen, Isreal and the temple and all the synagogues were completely destroyed,leaving standing the only thing God wanted to remain. The family structure and the literal marriage to Jesus Christ.


There are many single parents out there and many of these are women. What happens then for there is no man for God to create the pastor from. In that case the mother of the home is the pastor of her home. In the business established religouns of today they want to remain in the front of your life using every trick they can muster from fauned love to fear or hate to them swearing that the hear from God. Husbands, God created pastors indeed. But not the way we all have been taught. And yes God created the offices of the ministry,but not the way we all have been taught. All these come from and must come from the households to be appointed and annointed and allowed by God. Pastors,either men or women. Walk down a lonely orad and allow what ever sounds may escape from your mouth to moan and cry and sing and communicate to God from your inner self,from your spirit so that He will open up to you the secrets hidden in that bible so you can teach your family  and watch the ministry as it is created by God from the very babies that God has blessed you with. This is the only way God has ever created it. NO OTHER WAY. Just the family structure. In doing this watch yopur family heal. Wives,pls if it has been a rocky marriage,allow Jesus the Husband to heal your family by the pastor of the home, your husband,the man you are married to. Forgive him his humanity. Forgive eachother and allow the Husband, Jesus Christ to be the final Husband of your household as He teaches the pastor,your husband so the family can heal and mature  and grow.