Beware of satans lies conserning this marriage to Jesus!

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From the desk of the apostle: There was a man named Saul. He was a very devout Jewish man. In fact he was so devout that when he heard of the cult called Christians that worshiped this Jesus, saying the He was God,Saul decided they all should die. So he set about killing all that called themselves Christians and getting permission to go anywhere in the known world to do the same. But on the way to carry out this self made mission this Jesus that  Christians worshiped as God decided to stop this one man named Saul from doing the mission he had appointed to himself. As Saul was riding his mount toward an appointed city along with his fellow men there shone a light from all around and the a power from heaven knocked that man named Saul off from the mount he was riding. Then as Saul being blinded from the light that shone all around him, lay on the ground he heard Jesus speaking to him. Jesus asked this man named Saul,,"Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me? Now this was indeed odd seeing that Jesus had died and risen from the grave and it was the Christians that Saul was harming and not Jesus Himself. However it is the question that Jesus did ask of Saul. Jesus wanted to know why this man was attacking Him. Now what business did Jesus have using this kind of language? Here Jesus was in a different location(heaven) than the Christians following Him ,and this human man was beating,killing and imprisoning His followers yet Jesus said that it was He Himself that was suffering. Was it all a lie? If I have friends and if they are harmed am I really harmed? Yes I feel the pain and yes I suffer but in the case of law,Jesus was doing something completely different here. In the case of law it isn't the friends that are recognized in that case as suffering, but the one or ones that actually endure the suffering. And it is law that is in question here because this man named Saul was going and doing what he was doing with the consent as well as the support of the law. The law does recognize literal marriage. If a wife or husband is injured the injury is recognized as to the one, for they both are indeed one. At least Gods law does anyway for look at Job. God told satan that he was allowed to touch anything of Job but his flesh. When that was allowed the wife of Job was left unharmed while all his children were killed. Why? because God ordered satan not to touch the flesh of Job and his wife was his flesh for they were one and the same because of their literal marriage. When Jesus accused Saul whom later became the apostle Paul of attacking Him, Jesus was not lieing for Jesus having the literal wife of all these that were indeed Christians was in all truth being persecuted in His own body. This man named Saul recognized this literal marriage, and the physical body of Jesus being the Christians, because it was later on in time that this one named Saul as the apostle Paul taught the literal marriage of the people to Jesus Christ. And actually this apostle Paul was created by God because the other 12 apostle refused Gods literal marriage as far as teaching it ,wanting the order of the priesthood over the literal marriage to Jesus. So why did Jesus accuse Saul of persecuting Him? Because this man named Saul was attacking the literal wife of Jesus Christ and in doing so was indeed and according to the law attacking Jesus Christ Himself.