Learn to hear from God.

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From the desk of the apostle: Since the year 2005 when the Lord came to me and created me as His apostle,He waits for those that dare want a literal communication with Him. So I will tell you how it works with me and you can try it the way that I do if you wish. You have to understand that what I teach now is taught by no other person alive today and hasn't been taught by any other person for the last 2000 years other than myself. Therefore before God Himself taught me the revelations that I teach now they were completely hidden from all of mankind, even myself. As I think about the wonderful literal marriage to Jesus, sometimes things come to my mind that I simply have no answer for. Questions that I have no answer for and no other person alive today can instruct me on. Therefore when I have a personal question that has me stumped I talk to the one that I am married to,,,Jesus,, and as in any marriage, we do indeed talk things out. Now understand that when I ask a question of the Lord the answer has never been taught and is completely unknown to man and unknown to myself. After I ask the question of Jesus I simply go about my life as normal. Within a few hours time, thoughts,answers to the question I was seeking the answer to start to pass thru my mind unbidden by me for I never knew the answer in the first place. Sometimes the answer comes to me as a small voice whispering to my heart the same as He speaks to everyone else and sometimes the answer comes to me in the form of bible verses passing thru my thoughts in answer to what I had asked. Either way The fact that I had no understanding what-so-ever of the answer to what I asked God about in the first place, and is being answered later as I go about my business is proof that the thoughts are indeed the Lord teaching me and backing up what He is saying with verses of bible or by His Spirit of the literal marriage and are most times backed up by both. Try it sometime, remember something that has bothered you that you really want an answer for that no one has ever been able to give you an answer for and take time to ask God for an answer and then forget about the question and go about your life and see if the Lord will answer you. The answer passing thru your mind,,,, and you knowing full well that there is no way that the answer you are receiving could be made up by you, for you had no idea, about the explanation concerning the question that you was hungering to understand. As you learn to receive answers from God,, each time you ask Him for and answer,,, in time your communication with the Lord will actually become common place and it will be incredible and wonderful, for you know that you have learned and are learning how to establish a physical communications with God that you have hungered for all your life. You are not the only one that hungers for communications, for God hungers for this as much as you do with you. But men in their greed and lies has taught you that they are the only way to communicate with the Lord, and you yourself will prove to yourself that God,the Creator has always hungered for physical communications with you,and not thru some thief calling himself or herself a so-called-preacher. A person becomes literally married to Jesus and when they do it is an actual abomination to shun God, looking for answers from someone else other than your Husband,,Jesus,, as in "going to church".