Beware of satans lies conserning this marriage to Jesus!

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God Himself created a body for Him to live in. He entered onto this planet thru human birth the same as you or I. That body God created for Himself had a name the same as you and I. That body God created for Himself was Jesus. Jesus came to this planet with a quest to fulfill as well as a request of all people. "No man cometh to the Father but by Me". Not by some man claiming to be a pastor or preacher by my Me Jesus plainly said. It was Jesus who set it up that all people would be led to Him by a man called by God for this purpose wooing a person into literal marriage to Jesus,not to a building to feed some man and their brood. For 1500 years the only religion allowed on this planet was roman catholic religion. All the religions on this planet today would have you think they have been here since the death of the apostles but this just isn't true. 1500 years after the death of the apostles men started to break away from roman catholic religion with tiny differences in what they taught and believed. Each religion such as Baptist or Methodists or Lutheran kept intact the foundation of the roman catholic religion with just enough changes to give them the right to say they were different. Around 1900 there was the first public out pouring of the Spirit of God the same as is found in Acts chapter 2. Because of this the Assemblies of God was created. Then in 1913 or about, there came a man from Canada that went to the AOG and started teaching that people were to be baptized in the name of Jesus only. These people were from then on called Jesus only people. About this time another man began to see that trinity was a pagan belief and saw the "One God" revelation. The people calling themselves "Jesus only" and "One God" remained within the AOG till the year 1945 at which time they were kicked out. The AOG being trinity and baptizing in the trinity titles didn't want them in their midst any more. At the time these people were kicked out they started their own religion called the United Pentecostal Church. They use the term UPC now days. The UPC out of sheer poverty actually did do things correctly for awhile. They taught that when you got baptized in the name of Jesus you were actually getting married to Jesus and that you was taking on your Husbands name. The churches were located only within the households with the heads over=r the households as the pastor just the way the bible teaches it today and the same way that I teach it. Again this was mostly done out of poverty because it was a really young religion and they hadn't had time to build any buildings yet to herd people into and start begging for money. But not to worry, it was indeed coming for to allow things to go the way God planned for them to go didn't make any money and wouldn't allow for any superintendents. But in the meantime God was having a time with His new "WIFE". There were real miracles of the dead being raised and true outpouring of the Holy Ghost in the same manor that I experienced it as a hot slow moving oil pouring over my body charged with power knocking me to the floor when it reached my knees. !945, that was 69 years ago. The UPC and all "Oneness" religions are only 69 years old,thats only 10 years older than me. My dear mom is older than the UPC. Well they all got it wrong in time. They started it our right but greed completely destroyed the work God had done and pouring the same foundation as all the other religions did that came out of the catholic religion they are no diff rent now than the catholics. They have their building and pope and little priests that they call a pastor and they gather money not in love gut pure nasty greed. Jesus came with a quest as well as a request in mind that that was this,"No man cometh to the Father but by Me". The Jews didn't want that so God allowed their temple to be completely destroyed and even allowed a temple to a false god to be rebuilt in its place. The gentiles didn't want it so they built tiny temples on every street corner. God Almighty had one purpose when He came here clothed in the flesh of man and that was to marry His wife. Very personal and private. He wanted His wife to love Him for Himself and for them to go away together and build a family. But no, man has to serve greed instead. There is no money in this literal marriage to Jesus so it is refused.69 years ago there was a people that actually got it right out of poverty. Then as they saw the road to greed paved in their favor they took that road instead of the literal marriage to God. God trusted the "oneness One God" people and they failed Him. Now God has trusted me and by His wonderful grace and I mean ,only by His wonderful grace. I will not fail Him in the quest He has given to me and the request He has made of me. Will you join me in this?