Beware of satans lies conserning this marriage to Jesus!

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I am very conserned about the mental state of our nation of people. If our Gov. tells us an airplane crashed into the ground,though there is no airplane there at all the American people believe it and call those that do not believe it insane. If the American people are told an airplane crashed into a building in Wachington D.C. and there is no plane at all the American citizens believe this and call those that do not believe it insane. If a skyscraper comes crashing to the ground 8 hours after 2 other buildings were destroyed due to "trash and debre" and we are told this is why the 3rd building fell though it was never attacked, Americans believe it and call those that do not believe it "insane". If "the most wanted man" in the world is killed by our Gov. and his body is never seen, but instead is tossed into the seas never to be seen again the American people believe it and call those that do not believe it insane. If we as Americans are told that a school was attacked by a gunman and 20 children were killed in this attack,though not a single body was ever seen, the American people believe it and again call anyone that dont believe it "insane". Now after all this the Gov. is dircting the schools to pull their hair and scream like they are completely insane if anything that even resembles a gun shows up at school like,cupcakes,pictures,T-shirts,paper toys,sticks used in play, and we as Americans can't see where all this all these years or brainwashing is headed. The generation growing up that are babies now will pull their hair and scream when they grow up because their terachers did anytime they see anything that even looks like a gun. No matter what the Gov. tells them even though there is no proof what so ever,they will believe, because their parents and teachers did. The Gov. will become the true God that they worship and follow. We dare call ourselves Acerican citizens when we refuse to even examine anything that contradicts what we are told even though there is no proof what-so-ever about what we are being told. If some thing horrible happens,or we are told that it happens, any person speaking out against that is automaticly labled a conspiritor. This has become the "naughty" word for this century. Media reporters repeat what lies they have been told to repeat, and they repeat them very loudly and over and over trying to make anyone that questions them look foolish for questioning them. There is no requirement for any proof at all anymore about anything our Gov. says. It is enough that we were told that it happened. Now because of this brainwashing and people living in complete fear,,,,20 babies,,,20 babies,,,20 babies have vanished. We were all told they were killed while at school by some gunman. But the Gov. worker that said he examined them dead,also said that the parents of the dead babies, were not allowed to see their own childrens dead bodies because it would be "too hard" on the parents. Is there any parent out there that would ever be gullible enough to buy this for a single moment? The bodies of those babies we are told were removed from the school during the night and no one saw them at all except for Gov. workers. God help us all! We are to the place where they can now take our babies! I mean take them right from under our noses without any fight at all. All they have to do is tell us thay they are dead. If they want children for prostution or slaves or whatever, all that is required is to stage a "gunman" and a few vans with men in black and some media and now they have the most presious thing that man has ever known,next to God Himself! OUR LITTLE BABIES! GOD HELP OUR NATION THAT HAS GONE COMPLETELY INSANE!