Beware of satans lies conserning this marriage to Jesus!

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From the desk of the apostle:
I am 59 years old. When I was a teenager there were catholics and there were Christians. The catholics made it very plain to everyone that there was indeed a difference and that they didn't want to be considered Christians. Then when the Jesus people came out praying with people in the streets the catholics began to see that these Jesus People were taking people away from them. So then the little nuns started saying to the people on the streets that they too were saved and that they too had excepted Jesus so that they were Christians just like we were. That torturous religion wants you to forget all that they ever did, raping and murdering people. You see, it was a big part of their religion to actually torture people to death until America passed a law against it. The "pope" back then got really upset and logged a protest trying to keep torture within their religion. But they are hoping today  that everyone has forgotten all that. They don't want people to see that their highest office within their religion has a completely man made name for it isn't located anywhere at all in the bible. That name being "pope". Nun,cardinal which is a stinking bird isn't an office in the bible either, but just perhaps no one will look close enough to ever notice. The pope has a special throne he uses. It has the up-side-down cross on it as well as the table cloth that covers the table and the other decorations around that throne they all have the sign of satan on them being the up-side-down cross. To cover up for the worship of satan that they do, they invented the story that one of the apostles was crucified up-side-down and all this is being done to honor that apostle that was hung up-side-down. This is a bold face lie as there is no proof at all that anyone ever was killed in this manor. After the death of the apostles the roman peoples worshipers of many gods began to kill the wife of Jesus,,the Christians. But the emperor of that day saw that when you killed one Christian 100 others married Jesus and now there was even more Christians. So he decided to water down Christianity by passing a law requiring all romans to become Christians. The roman worship of many gods joined together with Christianity and roman catholic religion was born with its statues still intact but with names of the apostles and the wife of God added to them instead of the name of Apollo or Thor or Isis or Diana. The joining of the roman religion and the Christians caused the catholic religion to be formed. The murders began then in full force for another reason. If you wasn't a catholic you was murdered. In fact the vatican itself sits on all the murdered Christians bones of those that refused to become catholics being murdered by the pope and his henchmen priests and nuns. To this very day if you go to a closed order convent you will find that the basement is filled with lime. Lime covers the stink of the bodies of the nuns that learned too late that this religion is of santan and they were murdered for trying to escape after learning this. The babies of the nuns that were raped by the priests are all down there as well because the "mother superior" killed all these tiny babies the very second they were born.
The roman catholic teachers thought that when the bible says that God likes "long suffering" they thought it meant that God desired people to be tortured to death. Of course it was always someone else that had to "suffer long" for the Lord and never ever them,,,of course.The book of Revel. says that the "great whore" caused the entire planet to drink of her cup. This great whore is the catholic religion and it is true that this great whore has indeed touched every single person on this planet in a very disgusting way.Now many will take this truth of history that I write and call it "hate". But I do not hate at all. I am not hating,,,I am documenting history as it happened and they all know this to be true. They just wished that no one was alive that remembered the truth about them. The priests of this satan worshiping religion all love to sexually molest little boys,,over and over and over and over again. They are nothing but a bunch of homosexuals. These pagan god worshipers have nothing to do with God the creator at all. They are the murders of the first century christians.